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Status, activities and autonomy of notaries are stipulated in the Notary Code – Act No. 323/1992 Coll. on Notaries and Notarial Activities as amended.

Notarial activities and further activities mean performance of public power and a notary shall have the status of a public officer when performing such power. A notary can also perform special activities, such as mediation and arbitration.

Notary´s activities consist in particular in preparation and issuing of public documents. Unlike private documents prepared by other lawyers or by parties themselves, it is assumed that the certified or verified contents of documents prepared by a notary are true, until proved otherwise. Anybody objecting veracity and correctness must prove to the contrary of what is written in such document.

A notary is a neutral entity standing between the parties who secures protection of the parties’ rights and interests protected by the law. A notary respects the principle of equality and neither gives preferential treatment nor represents any of the parties. A notary shall be obligated to keep confidential all the facts learnt during the performance of notary’s activities.

Parties can choose any notary except for the inheritance proceedings. A notary must perform the activities impartially and independently and is only bound by the Constitution, the fundamental law and by acts. A notary shall be obligated to refuse to perform any act that evidently infringes the law, circumvents the law, contravenes the good manners, or the performance of which was entrusted to other public power authority by means of a special act.

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„Lex est quod notamus"

„The law is what has been written."


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